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Please note that at this time we exclusively sell Pioneer brand slot cars. All models and spare parts listed on this website are 1:32 scale.

Pioneer Latest Releases:


Pioneer's latest release is the P064 Mustang Fastback GT STEALTH 'Route 66'. This new release is a Limited Edition which comes in 3 different variants - Plain Black, Grey Pony and Red Pony. There is also a P064-DS 'The Gold Pony' which is the Dealer Special Edition.


P079-DS Hemi Charger 'The Joker In The Pack' Dealer Special Edition.

P079 Hemi Charger 'The Joker' Street Racer.

P022 Hemi Charger 'Red Devil' Street Racer.


KIT #2 Paint It Yourself 1968 Chevy Camaro Kit.

KIT #3 Paint It Yourself 1968 Mustang Notchback Kit.


P090 Fastback Mustang 390 GT 'Road Warrior' numbered Limited Edition.

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