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J241121 J-CODE PIONEER DODGE CHARGER ‘General Lee’ Dark Grey,

1 of 10 pieces

This is a limited opportunity to acquire one of these very unusual models. A full assembly and full colour print plate test model produced for production process checks and QC monitoring. Bo & Luke are in place and the interior is fully decorated in red. The CB antenna is not fitted and some pieces are still in the original plastic moulded colour without chrome plating or silver trim. This lends an unusual and interesting look to the model.

Note that this is a bare plastic model, factory assembled prior to normal production and some small details may not be featured or fitted. This item was not produced for retail sale but is a fully working slot car. This is a genuine model sourced direct from the Pioneer factory and being sold on behalf of Pioneer Slot Cars.

A real collectors item guaranteed to appreciate in value. An authenticity hologram is fixed to the display box.


Please note: This is a J-Code model. It was not assigned a production 'P' number and therefore does not come with a SKU barcode sticker. Pioneer pre-production sample models have a numbered silver label applied to the sleeve base. The J-Code Ref for this model is J241121.

J241121 J-CODE PIONEER DODGE CHARGER ‘General Lee’ Dark Grey, 1 of 10 pieces

SKU: J241121
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