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The boys are back!


This is the General Lee Dodge Charger made famous in the much-loved TV series ‘Dukes of Hazzard’.


This car is superbly modelled with the quality and detail you would expect from Pioneer.




19K ‘Dixie Power’ motor, tuned for moonshine runs

Fully detailed interior

Bo & Luke figures in car

Standing figure of cousin Daisy supplied in box

QuickChange braids

Scalextric Digital DPR ready

‘PurePower’ wiring loom

‘Supathane’ tyres


Model complete with display case and Special Edition packaging.


Please note that the figurine of Daisy shown in this photo was the one chosen for this production, however, Pioneer have released a very small selection of different styles and colours of Daisy into the mix. These are extremely rare.


Spare Dixie parts bag included under base.


P016 vs. P131 (Comparison guide for collectors)



1. New image on back of sleeve (image of model with Daisy).

2. Smaller size space for reference label on bottom of sleeve.

3. R/T graphic on top left under ‘Charger’.

4. Large Pioneer logo updated on inside bottom face.

5. Small Pioneer logo updated on front bottom left.



New figure, red shirt, white shorts, white shoes.



1. New style silver coloured motor with ‘Dixie’ print.

2. Softer ‘Supathane’ Tyres.

P131 Pioneer General Lee Dodge Charger

SKU: P131
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