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P171 Pioneer, Dukes of Hazzard 'The Ghost of General Lee'


Designed to match the appearance of the General Lee in the ‘Ghost’ scene from The Dukes of Hazzard TV show, Season 2, Episode 6 ‘The Ghost Of General Lee’, this model is decorated in a special paint finish that will glow in the dark for a short while to replicate the moment that Sheriff Rosco finds the General Lee in a ghostly condition in the police station garage.


In this variant of the General Lee model, the figures of Bo and Luke are not sitting in the car. In the ‘ghost’ scene, Bo and Luke were never shown in the vehicle.


Note that in order to achieve the best ‘glowing’ effect, please remove car from packaging and shine a very bright light on the model. Switch off all ambient lighting and enjoy the glowing effect in dark surroundings. This process can be repeated as many times as desired.


Model Features:


18K TYPHOON motor, sidewinder configuration

Detailed interior
QuickChange braids
Scalextric Digital DPR ready

‘PurePower’ wiring loom

‘Supathane’ tyres


Model complete with display case and custom artwork packaging. Spare parts bag included under base.

P171 Pioneer, Dukes of Hazzard 'The Ghost of General Lee'

SKU: P171
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