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P173-DS Pioneer BULLITT Mustang 390GT, 'Bullitt-in-Chrome' Dealer Special

Looking superb with a chrome plated body shell, this is a promotional model, only available to the top performing Pioneer dealers. Dealer Special models ship inside some of the larger trade packs of the regular models.


The ‘Dealer Special’ models are made in very small numbers and are very collectible. An authenticity 'Dealer Special' sticker is attached to front of box sleeve.


Standard Features:-


18K TYPHOON motor, sidewinder configuration

Detailed interior with ‘Steve McQueen’ driver figure

QuickChange braids

Scalextric Digital DPR ready

‘PurePower’ wiring loom

‘Supathane’ tyres


Model complete with display case and custom artwork packaging.

P173-DS Pioneer BULLITT Mustang 390GT, 'Bullitt-in-Chrome'

SKU: P173-DS
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