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This model is the Pioneer Range Presentation for 2010, the iconic Dodge Charger R/T, produced in a nicely done 'BULLITT' theme called "Shotgun Wedding".


It was only made available to best performing dealers as a promotional item for the new Dodge Charger range of models.


The box has an authenticity hologram affixed to the top and also a white sticker to the front face of the picture sleeve that says: Shotgun Wedding Car, 'For Hire', Range Presentation 2010. Approximately 90 of them were made.

The fun element of this model is explained by Pioneer like this: "This is the Bullitt Assassins' spare car and it's what they did at the weekend; hire themselves out for weddings (if the bride needs the ultimate protection) or if the groom's been a bad boy! Obviously, this weekend sideline of the hit man business had to be closed in mid 1968 after both guys met a deservedly nasty end after a somewhat explosive time in a gas station off a California highway."

A superb collectable model from Pioneer.

P028 Pioneer "Shotgun Wedding" Dodge Charger

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