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19000 rpm at 12vDC– 2mm Splined Shaft

Ref: MT200234

This is a 19k 'Yankee Power’ replacement motor. It will fit all Pioneer models. Originally used in the General Grant Charger, Ref: P094/P095.


This power unit offers smooth power delivery operating between 10-16vDC.


This is a hi-torque unit offering good dynamic braking and swift acceleration - suitable for most home tracks.


At full voltage, this motor revs between 19-20K.


For higher speed requirements or if your track has straights in excess of 3.5m/12ft, consider using one of the hop-up 21000 rpm TYPHOON SS Motors, Part # MT202531 or # MT202532.

Pioneer 'Yankee Power' Motor, 19000 rpm at 12vDC

SKU: MT200234
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